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Outlook Integration Guide

To allow WaitWell to create appointments in staff Outlook calendars, the following items are required.

  1. A User account and one time password that WaitWell can authenticate with

  2. An Azure Application registration granted with MSGraph API permissions.

  3. Staff participating must delegate their calendar to the WaitWell account mentioned above.

User Account

  • Create an account for WaitWell to operate under in your azure domain. 

  • You can choose the name of the account; however, it should be something that your users will recognize as they will need to delegate their Calendar to this account so that WaitWell can create and update appointments.

  • WaitWell will only have access to Outlook calendars for staff that have delegated their calendar to this account.

  • Set a password on this account (this is only needed for the initial connection and is not used after that point). Ensure this user account does not require MFA.

  • Please login once interactively to the account you created, if prompted to set a new password, then this new password would be the one to supply later to WaitWell integration form. (If this step is not completed you will encounter a 401 error from WaitWell as the passwords won't match up)

  • Make sure to grant the WaitWell account an office 365 license.