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Agent - Quick Guide

Instructions for how to use WaitWell as an agent to view the queue, create tickets, edit tickets and more.

Agent - Appointments
Payment add-on
All Users - Quick Start Staff Guide

Everything your front counter agents need to know to get started with managing walk-ins and appointments.

All Users - Appointments

Learn how to set up appointment availability so you can integrate appointments with walk-ins.

All Users - Password Reset
Admin & Managers - Setting Up Your Location

Everything you need to know to set up your Location, your queues, add staff and create rules.

Admins - Integrations

WaitWell works with all the tools you already use. Learn how to integrate them with WaitWell.

Admin - Location Settings

Learn how to set up location hours, business hours, holiday hours, rules for joining and more.

Admins - Queue Settings

Learn how to set up multiple queues, service types, locations and stages to customize your service workflow.

Admins - Communication Settings

Learn how to tailor your communication settings to keep custsomers informed before, during and after service.

Admins - Client App Settings

WaitWell offers a Client App which visitors can use to manage appointments and walk-in visits at multiple locations.

Admins - Roles & Security

Learn how to tailor WaitWell's security settings and roles permissions to comply with the privacy and security policies of your organization and jurisdiction.

Admins & Managers - Reports and Analytics

Learn how to filter reports by location, queue, service type, service provider and data to get valuable service data.

Helpful Videos and FAQs

Get answers to our most frequently asked questions and watch helpful how-to videos.

Staff App Settings

How to use the WaitWell staff app to manage the queue from a mobile phone or tablet.

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