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Domain or user Delegation

Domain Wide is a Google Admin configuration that enables the WaitWell app to have ability to access any calendar in the domain. However WaitWell will only access users calendars that have been enabled via Preferences in WaitWell. In other words the user has to have a WaitWell account and visit the Preferences page and select “Connect” google calendar to enable the connection.  

Advantages of this method is that users to not have to setup the delegation themselves.


User Level Delegation:  Each user must use the setup instructions to grant the WaitWell service account.

Advantages of this method is no Admin changes are required.

Instructions for setting up per user.

Each person is required to update their calendar and select the Share with Specific People or Groups button and enter the WaitWell Appointments service account. They will need to copy/paste this exact email.

Permission must be set to Make changes to events to allow WaitWell to add/modify or delete WaitWell related events


After this is enabled, the user must visit the Preferences page within WaitWell and press the Connect button to enable the sync.