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Table of contents

Introduction to the Agent Guide

Let's see who is being served.

Select Queue from the left hand nav. 

At the top of the page you will see your Company Name. If you have multiple locations, you can switch the company you wish to view by clicking on the menu arrow to the right of your company name and choosing from the dropdown list.

Next You Will see Your Customer in the Red Bar. To the right of their name you will see how long you have been serving them. Below their name in smaller font, is the location of service, and the Agent serving them.

If you use Two-Stage Waiting, you can view all of the visitors in each Stage. Who is waiting outside (Stage 1) and who is waiting inside (Stage 2). To the right you can also see all of the other Clients currently being served by other staff members. 

Let's move on and show you how you can edit details, view ticket history (if enabled), increase or decrease priority, hold and unhold tickets and much more.