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Importing Data

You can import complete sets of data for “Location Hours”, “Holidays”, “Settings, “Staff”, “Communication Templates and “Appointment Templates” for a specific location. Klick on the “Settings” tab on the left hand navigation menu and then scroll down to and click on the “Copy Settings” button. Scroll down to the “Import settings and communication template” and click on “Import”. From the dropdown, choose the kind of import that you want. Then click on the “Download template with existing data” button and open the download in Excel. You may alter the data in the file as you like. Once ready, follow through with “Step 3” and click on “Select File For Import”. Upload your altered file, then hit the “Test” button, to see if your data has errors. If the data has errors, correct them on your spreadsheet. If the data is error free, you can click on the “Import” button.