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Business Hours

There are two ways to set business hours in a specific location. You can either set them globally on the location level as described in the “How to add a Location” workflow, or set them individually by queue. To set them individually by queue, you need to navigate to the “Settings” tab on the left hand side and then click on it. Then you navigate to the top navigation and click on “Queue Settings”. You are now in “Workflow Settings” as indicated by the dark blue color and the underline. In that sub-navigation, click on “Queues” then on the queue that you would like to set hours for. Once you are in the “Queue Configuration”, scroll to the bottom of the page. There you will find a module called “Queue hours”. Toggle the “Override location hours for queue” to active (blue) and adjust the hours as needed for this queue. Make sure that you hit the “SAVE” button on the bottom of the page.

This menu will also let you set how many minutes customers can join the line before the location opens.