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Location Details

The first thing you will need to do is to set up your Location details. If you have multiple locations, you can easily switch between them by clicking on either the name of your location in grey at the top of the page, or selecting other locations you have set up from the arrow to the right.

To set up a Location: 
  • click on Settings in the left hand nav
  • click on the building icons 
  • click on Location Set Up
  • click on the Add Location
Many of your business details maybe pre-populated, check them for accuracy and manually enter any missing information in the following fields: 
  • Location Name: business name
  • Address: business address, City and State/Province
  • Website: add the URL for your website (you can copy and paste from a separate open browser if need be)
  • Phone Number: business phone number with area code
  • Time Zone: there is a drop down menu arrow on the right to assist you
  • Business Hours: click on the hours in the From and To columns to match them to your business hours
  • Holidays or Modified Hours: click on the green Holiday Hours button to set Default Holidays, or Add Date if you have modified dates specific to your business (be sure to Save)
  • Allow Clients to Join Queue before Open Time: use the up/down arrows to indicate how many minutes ahead of opening you will begin allowing people to join the queue. The default is set to zero minutes meaning if you don't change it, people will only be able to join the queue at the start of your business hours as set above.

The inactive toggle allows you to set your location as inactive and remove it from the header location section found at the very top left of the page. The toggle will appear in red if you have it turned on. 

Your details are now set up. To change them at any point come back to this page.